Written Communication

Communication is a very important thing in this daily world. People get judged by how they communicate and how they react to different situations.

There are different types of communications, Written communication is one among them. written communication can be very crucial in this corporate world. It requires some amount skills. It has its own standards. If you have an administrative job where you are drafting memos, emailing clients, text messaging customers, when you're not good at all these then you will get a bad impression straight away. The point is we have to clearly convey the message what we are trying to communicate. If you don't get it clear to the person you're writing then your chances of getting promoted or increments will be reduced.

These are the few important steps to keep in mind before you write something to someone,

1.       Have a right mindset.

It is very important to have a proper mindset before you start writing your message. You must have a right idea what you are about to write. You need to be prepared before you start. Make sure you're not angry or sad or disappointed. This can lead to a badly written letter and the possibilities are you tend to write something else instead of your message and later regret it.

2.       Sort it out

Make sure you have a game plan before you start playing. What is the main message you want to get across?  What do people need to know to support?   Also, create a brief outline of what you would like to cover in a logical order.  And the skills required to write a good message without spelling are grammatical mistakes.

3.       Do not keep readers in suspense

As you are trying to write something professional keep it strong while writing.  it is crucial that to get to the point immediately with your message.  don't lose your audience attention.  Keep it simple and straight. use bullets are numbers to separate points.

4.       The conclusion

After finishing the writing make sure you check it again. Don't hurry up doing a spell check and avoid errors so that it is worth spending five extra minutes to reread before sending them.