What is the Excretory System

The excretory system is essential to your body and has only a few parts. In a similar way to getting rid of solid waste from your body, you must also eliminate fluids. You know the connection between the excretory system as urine.

What is the Excretory System

Urine is the outcome of the excretory system managing the amount of water and salts inside you. We said the system is small. Your kidneys are the central organs involved in the excretory system. Associated body parts contain the bladder and urethra. Once the urine moves through your urethra, that's it, it's out of your body.


Functions of the Excretory System

The regulation procedure of body fluids and salt levels is also referred to as osmoregulation. The kidneys work as a filter. At some point all of the blood in your body moves through the kidneys and they are able to perform their filtering magic. The kidneys pull damaging molecules out of your bloodstream and leave the ones which are good for you.

The kidneys are also important players in the hydration (water) levels for the body. Suppose you are in the desert and you have not been drinking much water. Chemical signals are delivered to your kidneys to reabsorb as much water as possible. The outcome is less urine development and your body loses less water. A normal day has you making about one and a half liters of fluid.

Diseases of the Excretory System

While you can find many diseases of the excretory system, much more problems can be produced by a malfunctioning pair of kidneys. Blood pressure is strongly tied to the amount of liquid in your body. If a kidney does not function and filter correctly, blood pressure can boost to dangerous levels. If that were not bad enough, urea would accumulate in your tissues and would gradually poison the cells of your body.

People with malfunctioning kidneys usually have to go via a process known as dialysis where they are hooked up to a machine which filters their blood. The machine works as an artificial kidney and attempts to re-establish normal levels of ions and water in their bodies. Lots of people on dialysis are waiting for kidney transplants.

Interacting with Other Systems

The excretory system is actually a close partner with both the endocrine and circulatory system. The circulatory system link is obvious. Blood that moves through the body passes via one of the two kidneys. Urea, uric acid and water are taken out from the blood and most of the water is put back into the body.

The endocrine system is the key controller of the excretory system. As levels of compounds and fluids are monitored, kidney function must be continually altered to supply the best inner environment for your cells. If you drink a lot of water, hormones are released that permit for more urine creation. If you are dehydrated, less urine will be made. The kidneys are also tied to the endocrine system with the adrenal gland place on the top of each kidney. The adrenals release adrenaline into the body.