What is Product Rule

It is not always required to calculate derivatives straight from the definition. A number of rules have been produced for finding the derivatives without having to utilize the definition directly. These rules simplify the operation of differentiation.
The Product Rule is actually a formula produced by Leibniz used to locate the derivatives of products of functions.


What is Product RuleThe Product Rule is described as the product of the initial function and the derivative of the 2nd function in addition the product of the derivative of the very first function and the 2nd function:

d/dx [f(x) g (x)] = f (x) g (x) + f (x) g (x)

Product and Quotient Rule

The product and quotient rule is a way of finding the derivative of a function which is the quotient of two other functions for which derivatives exist.

If the function one wants to differentiate, f(x), can be written as