What is Drosophila Melanogaster

Drosophila melanogaster is also known as the fruit fly, just a little insect concerning 3mm long and 2 mm within width. Its eggs are usually about half a millimeter long. Like every insect Drosophila is roofed in a chitinous exoskeleton; provides three main body segments and it has three pairs of segmented legs. And as with other flies, Drosophila includes a single pair of wings on its thorax middle section. The final segment of the thorax has a pair of rudimentary wings known as halteres which serve as knobby balancing organs.


What is Drosophila MelanogasterD. melanogaster is supposed to be to the large family of Drosophilae with more than 4,000 known species a family of acalyptrate flies. By and large members of the family are specific to feed, since larvae, upon rotting vegetable matter which is undergoing fermentation because of yeast or bacterial contaminants. It is these microorganisms which constitute the food of larval Drosophila.

Drosophila Melanogaster life Cycle

Drosophila goes through the complete metamorphosis cycle. Reproduction within Drosophila is actually rapid. [1] The female following mating will lay roughly 400 eggs which usually take about 12 hours in order to hatch. Over the next six days, the continually growing and eating larva may molt two times and find you being an immobile pupa. During the four day metamorphosis stage,

[2] The larval tissues tend to be reabsorbed and also the imaginal adult tissues go through extensive morphogenetic changes to create adult structures.

[3] Twelve hours right after eclosion, the adult Drosophila gets fertile and the female will become receptive to courting males.

[2] The period of time will be quit sensitive to temperature. The above time signifies 25°C 77°F and reducing the temperature down in order to 18°C 64°F will dual the development time.

[2] A single pair of flies may produce 100s of offspring within a couple of weeks and also the offspring turn out to be sexually mature within 1 week.