What are Interpersonal Communication Skills

What are Interpersonal Communication SkillsInterpersonal communication skills are a significant part of daily life, professionally and personally. However, not everybody is naturally great at it and for many people, they need to practice and learn with time before they can communicate with ease.

Communicating at the Basic Level

To master how to develop your own interpersonal communication skills, you should first understand a few fundamental principles of effective communication, what we can say the Greek philosophy of influence or communication. This is actually a three-level communication method: pathos, ethos and logos.


Pathos signifies empathy, the understanding or feeling you have of the individual listening to you.

Ethos denotes ethics. Quite simply, your credibility like a communicator. How honest are you and what do you know that your audience should trust and listen to you?

Logos stands for logic and it needs to do with the power of your presentation and the strength of your thoughts.

This implies to communicate effectively, you should first have credibility, understand your listener and then coherently present your ideas.

Interpersonal Communication Skills Workplace

Interpersonal skills are the existence skills we use every single day to interact and communicate with others, both in groups and individually. Those who have worked on building strong interpersonal skills are often more successful in both their personal and professional lives.

Employers usually seek to employ staff with powerful interpersonal skills, they want individuals who will work nicely in a team and be capable of communicate effectively with customers, clients and colleagues.

Interpersonal skills are not only important in the workplace, our social and personal lives also can advantage from better interpersonal skills. Individuals with good interpersonal skills are often perceived as calm, optimistic, charismatic and confident, qualities that in many cases are endearing or appealing to other people. Via awareness of the way you interact with other people and with practice you can enhance your interpersonal skills.

Interpersonal Communication Skills Activities

Interpersonal communication skills activities are essential for navigating via life. Workplaces, child day care centers and doctor's offices all make use of communication skills activities to function. These skills are crucial to master from childhood, so learners know the way to relate to anybody throughout life. Learning interpersonal communication skills starts in the classroom with team activities and practicing interaction skills.

Listening Skills

Students every bring in a picture to share with their friends. Create groups of two individuals to accomplish this interpersonal communication workout. Student A begins by telling the other individual about their picture, explaining details and emotional attachments.

Team Connections

Separate the class into groups for this activity. On the board, write the terms cooperation and collaboration. The teams will master about these two crucial concepts for interpersonal communication within a group. Have the teams talk about the meanings of both terms and why they are essential in teams. Then, motivate the entire class to come up with seven interpersonal communications skills which are important in a group.