Different Types of Phobias

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  • The word phobia refers to a group of symptoms due to certain objects or even situations. A particular phobia, formerly known as a simple phobia, can be a lasting and also unreasonable fear caused by the presence or considered a specific object situation that always poses little if any actual danger.There are various kinds of specific phobias, depending on the object or situation feared, such as:

    Animal phobias: For example the fear of dogs, snakes, insects, or even mice. Animal phobias are usually the most common specific phobias.

    Situational phobias: These involve a fear of certain situations, for example flying, driving in a car or even on public transportation, driving, going through bridges or even in tunnels, or of being inside a closed-in place, as an elevator.

    Different Types of Phobias

    Natural environment phobias: These include the fear of storms, heights, or even water.
    Blood-injection-injury phobias: These involve anxiety when being injured of seeing blood or of unpleasant medical procedures for example blood tests or perhaps injections.


    Phobias of Some Famous People

    Walt Disney has been said to have a fear of mice (musophobia). Their most well-known  childrens favourite  is actually Mickey Mouse!

    Director Steven Spielberg has a fear of insects (b.entomophobia).

    Footballer David Bechkham has a fear of birds (ornithophobia).

    Benito Mussolini, (b.napoleon bonaparte), Augustus Caesar as well as King Henry III of France were terrified of cats (ailurophobia).

    ActorJohnny Depp and tennis player Andre Agassi both fear spiders (arachnophobia).

    Johnny Depp also is suffering from clourophobia (fear of clowns).

    Actress Whoopi Goldberg as well as Boxer Muhammad Ali has a fear of flying (aerophobia).

    Author Anne Rice is scared of the dark (ahluophobia).

    Adolf Hitler had been Claustrophobic.

    Actress Barbra Streisand has social phobia.

    Singer Madonna  posseses an irrational fear of thunder (brontophobia).

    List of Strange Phobias

    Phobias are exaggerated, irrational fears, and they are considered a kind of anxiety disorder. You will find three types of phobias: agoraphobia, social phobia and specific phobias. Agoraphobia may be the fear of the inability to escape easily from the place or event, and those who have problems with this phobia usually avoid open as well as public places. Social phobias cause people to possess irrational fear of being around other folks and social situations.

    There are specific phobias, which usually occur when one is irrationally scared of a place, thing or situation, like the fear of flying (aviophobia) or even the fear of speaking in public (glossophobia). Specific phobias are broken in to five different kinds:

    Animal phobias

    Natural environment phobias

    Blood-injection-injury phobias   and  Situational  Phobias.