Rectangular Coordinates

Rectangular coordinates are what many people use when graphing coordinates. Given the point (a,b) you shift over 'a' spaces on the x-axis and then down or up 'b' spaces on the y-axis. Polar Coordinates are identical points as rectangular coordinates, only they are expressed with regards to 'r' and as the point (r,). The following is a image of the connection between rectangular and polar coordinates:

Rectangular CoordinatesAngle
Polar Coordinates

       x = r cosq,   y = r sinq

Therefore the polar point: (r,q) could be converted to rectangular coordinates like this:

        ( r cosq, r sinq )  ð  ( x, y )

Graphing Points on a Coordinate Plane

To graph points on the coordinate plane, you need to understand the organization of the coordinate plane and understand what to do with those (x, y) coordinates. If you want to learn how to graph points on the coordinate plane, simply follow these steps.

Understand the axes from the coordinate plane. When you are graphing a point on the coordinate plane, you may graph it in (x, y) type.

Understand the quadrants on the coordinate plane. Keep in mind that a graph provides four quadrants. You will have to know which quadrant the plane is in.