What is Counseling Psychology

Counseling psychology concentrates on providing therapeutic remedies to clients who encounter a multitude of symptoms. It is also one of the biggest specialty areas inside psychology. The Society of Counseling Psychology explains the field like a psychological specialty that allows for interpersonal and personal functioning throughout the life span with an emphasis on social, emotional, educational, vocational, developmental, health-related and organizational concerns.

Numerous counseling psychologists offer psychotherapy services, however other career paths also are available. Research, teaching and vocational counseling are only a few of the feasible alternatives to psychotherapy. Regardless of what the job setting, those who choose to get into a career in counseling psychology use psychological theories to assist people overcome difficulties and understand their full-potential.


Although both counseling and clinical psychologists carry out psychotherapy, those functioning as clinicians typically cope with clients struggling from more severe mental illnesses. Counseling psychologists usually work with individuals who are experiencing less serious symptoms (Johnson and Brems, 1997).

Masters in Counseling Psychology

The Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology provides four concentrations. They are Clinical Mental Health Counseling, School Counseling, a Research concentration requiring a thesis and General Counseling. Within the Clinical Mental Health Counseling concentration, learners have the chance to select a program which best suits their needs for licensure and interest. In every four concentrations, students produce basic group, individual and career counseling abilities. They also obtain extensive consultation in fundamental counseling courses and supervision in on-site practicum configurations.

The seventy two quarter hour Master's degree in school counseling enables students to apply for licensure within Colorado via the Colorado Division of Education (CDE) like a school counselor for youngsters birth to age 21.

The 81 or 72 quarter hour clinical mental health counseling concentration prepares learners to utilize for state licensure as specialist counselors. The program requires two years to finish and needs both an internship and a practicum.

Counseling Psychology learners within the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Concentration might also complete the programs required for certification like a Certified Addiction Counselor Stage II (CACII).

The research track is actually a 72-quarter-hour master's degree which prepares students for research-based careers in counseling along with doctoral work.

Phd in Counseling Psychology

An MA in counseling usually requires 2-3 years to finish according to the program and whether you do it part time or full (some programs need full time, others take part time students). Therefore it takes considerably a shorter period to complete compared to an PhD and you are minimally involved in research. A poor though, is always that each state have their own requirements for licensing therefore if you get licensed in a single state, you may need to return to school being eligible for licensure in one more. Most programs also do not provide funding for masters students while they do for doctoral students.

PhD in Counseling Psychology: These take around 5 years to accomplish. Generally you take 4 years for research, classes and clinical practica, then complete an internship within the 5th year. Additionally you complete a dissertation within the 4th year prior to going on internship. PhD programs usually require more clinical experience and involvement in research compared to masters level programs.