Community Psychology

Community psychology is a diverse field of psychological study that examines the interactions of individuals inside a community, the interactions of men and women to the entire community and the relationship among a society and community overall. Research in the area of community psychology usually turns to a number of related fields, including social psychology, sociology, political science and public policy. The general practical purpose of community-focused psychology is the entire increase in the quality of existence for those residing in a community. Most of the time, this involves fixing and identifying problems that could result in mental health issues in a residential area.

Clinical psychology and community-oriented mental wellness services are both related to community psychology in that most attempt to find and treat mental health issues. Community psychology additionally resembles different public health interests as it seeks to find out problems that appear in the community overall rather than issues that exist in the person. The field actually grew, to some degree, through the realization that numerous mental health issues cannot be understood from the certain history of the person. Community psychology varies from public health because it concentrates specifically on mental health and it varies from fields for example sociology and social psychology since it is strongly directed toward fixing and finding problems, not only research.


Counseling Psychology

Counseling psychology explains the practice of supporting people cope with problems in their interpersonal or personal lives. A counseling psychologist provides advice to assist a patient make choices that improve their behavior and makes existence more fulfilling and less stressful. Sufferers might seek help for an array of issues, from alcoholism to anger management, impacting their daily life. Counseling psychology varies from clinical psychology, which concentrates more on teaching, research and treating mental illnesses.

Patients usually participate in counseling with regard to emotional problems that upset healthy interactions at work or home. The counselor works with the sufferer to help her or him make better choices and change behavior leading to strife. Problems might stem through marital issues, child rearing concerns or a simple inability to handle stress. Generally, counseling psychology revolves around interpersonal issues and arming an individual with strategies to enhance his or her quality of life.

Fields of Psychology

The psychology section provides you with both a properly rounded education and the chance to explore certain fields of psychology where you have special interests. The following descriptions from A PA's Professions in fields of Psychology.

Applied behavior analysis is actually the science of applying what we realize about how individuals learn to enhance socially essential behavior. Applied behavior analysts emphasis on (a) making positive changes to person’s physical and social environment to enhance behavior and (b) measuring and observing behavior to document behavior modify over time. People trained as applied behavior analysts perform in a variety of fields such as gerontology, education, developmental disabilities, behavioral medicine, industry and business and community psychology.