Abnormal Psychology

Abnormal psychology involves the research of atypical or unusual emotions, behaviors and social interactions. Clinical psychology is the department of psychology that involves the diagnosis, assessment and treatment of those abnormalities.

Abnormal psychology is the analysis and treatment of psychological issues. It also involves the research of dysfunctional or maladaptive behaviors, social interactions and emotions in normal individuals. Normally-functioning people might have certain maladaptive behaviors, however it does not always mean they meet criteria for any psychological disorder. Being classified as abnormal, the behavior or emotion should cause significant distress and dysfunction and fall exterior the range of what is regarded as normal.


Those who specialize in abnormal psychology perform in a number of settings. Clinical psychologists, clinical social workers, counselors and psychotherapists usually work in group or solo private practices.

Abnormal Psychology Disorders

We have seen plenty of movies which have characters who experience from one of the numerous psychology disorders. Most of us know thought there is one thing in them that is not correct. Do you know what that incorrect is? Or why is that incorrect, actually incorrect? This is what psychological science handles. It studies behavioral patterns of an individual and determines whether or not they are abnormal or normal. Individuals with abnormal patterns are said to experience from abnormal psychology disorders.

These types of disorders are of various types, for example eating disorders and personality disorders. They are numerous that we should be thankful to the sector of psychological science to examine them in such depth. Psychological science also attempts to study the symptoms and figure out the root cause of these types of psychological disorders.

List of Abnormal Psychology Disorders:
Anxiety and Panic Disorder
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Separation Anxiety Disorder
Social Anxiety Disorder