Matter is Classified as

Matter is classified as a pure substance or perhaps a mixture. Pure substances may be either compounds or elements. Mixtures could be heterogeneous or homogeneous.

Pure Substances can never be divided into component parts by following the law of continuous composition and physical methods. The primary cause of these properties is the fact that pure substances consist of just a single form of molecule.

Pure Substances can be split into two classes:

Elements and compounds.

Elements contain only one kind of atom

Compounds contain more than one kind of atom.


Matter Solid Liquid Gas

There are possibly three states of matter: solid, liquid and gas. changes in the states of matter happens, whenever there is a change in composition, temperature or pressure. Matter is Classified as

Macroscopic Definitions 

Gas: Does not have any volume or definite shape and easily compressible. 

Liquid: is slightly compressible, has a continuous volume and no definite shape. 

Solid: Rigid and hard to compress, has distinct volume and shape. 

Microscopic Definitions 

Gas: Molecules are separated and move quickly, regularly colliding with each other. 

Liquid: Molecules are packed closely together (touching one another) but still moving. The setup of neighboring molecules changes rapidly 

Solid: The molecules are rigidly locked in place, a molecules neighbors change only very slowly or in many cases not at all.