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Your child hates math? Most of the students do. It is not because they are not intelligent enough to understand math. It is because they are yet to get the right perspective on math and to master the most effective way to learning. Edu Resource is the perfect solution for this situation. Math is the basic tool that every science and commerce student must have. So it is imperative that your child be provided the proper understanding of math. Our tutors, with decades of experience in teaching math and expertise in all the different tools and techniques that can be used to make the learning of math easier, will help your child to master the subject.

Using real time one-on-one video and audio sessions and state of the art tools, we make sure that your child does not be lag behind in the subject anymore. We will also help them with their assignments and project work whenever necessary. So, let's get started!

More than 2000 years an understanding of mathematics continues to be regarded as an essential part of intellectual equipment of each and every cultured person. Nowadays, unfortunately, the standard place of math resources in education is actually in grave risk. The learning and teaching of math has degenerated to the realm of rote memory, the result of which leads to acceptable formal ability however does not cause real understanding or to higher intellectual freedom.

Math Resources


Formal math is like spelling and grammar a matter with the correct application of local guidelines. Meaningful math is such as journalism it shows an interesting story. However unlike a few journalism, the story must be true. The finest mathematics is similar to literature it delivers a story to life prior to your eyes and entails you in it, emotionally and intellectually. What exactly is Mathematics is much like a fine piece of books it opens a window to the world of math for anybody interested to see.

Everyday Math Resources

Everyday Mathematics Resources is actually an extensive Pre-Kindergarten via sixth grade math curriculum embracing most of the traditional targets of school math as well as 2 ambitious goals for that 21st century. To considerably raise expectations about the range and amount of math that kids can learn. To assistance children and educators using the materials necessary allow the children to fulfill these greater expectations.

Everyday Math Resources is actually a problem-solving method based on daily situations that develop student attention and link to their encounters. An essential piece for the Everyday Math resources is actually the spiral method that revisits ideas regularly.

Everyday Math Resources

Mastery is created with time. Lessons are depending on discussions and activities.

Students are motivated to solve difficulties in numerous ways, building flexibility of considering. There is regular practice of fundamental skills, often via mathematical games, however the focus is on knowing the concepts at the rear of the simple facts, as well as mastery from the facts. Students obtain instruction in every major areas of math: data analysis, number sense, measurement, geometry, probability and algebra.