Interpersonal Communication Skills

Interpersonal communication is the process in which people understand each other by exchanging information, feelings, thoughts, and messages through verbal and nonverbal ways. basically, it is face to face communication where people try to communicate in front of each other.

Everybody communicates on interpersonal level regularly and often.  Interpersonal communication is useful in establishing a good relationship and understanding between two people. When two people communicate they create bonding and their own atmosphere, this skill is also known as social skill.  It is one of the most important life skills for personal, social and professional life.


1.        Verbal.

2.       Nonverbal.

3.       Listening skills.

4.       Negotiation skills.

5.       Decision making and problem-solving skills.


The overall speaking and talking activity comes under verbal communication. We need skills to use our words in verbal communication effectively. Talking to another person gently and politely is very important, it builds a good relationship with that person.

The communication in which no words are exchanged between two people is known as non-verbal communication. It is only the body language, actions, gestures, facial expressions, silence etc. are the ways of the communication. This type of communication exchanges lot of effective non-verbal clues.  This skill helps in developing the good understanding and interaction. Qualities like empathy and sympathy improve a lot.

The skills which are necessary to receive messages given by others by means of listening to others properly can help to understand clearly and grasp the knowledge or the message.

Negotiation skills are important for building trust and peace between two people. These skills can be mainly seen when there is some conflicts or fights. By using skills people can understand mutually between each other. These skills help the people to come to a settlement of similar goals and outcomes.

Decision making and problem-solving skills help in maintaining the good relationship.  Taking the correct decision at the right time creates a good impression and maintain harmony and social environment and prosper the bonding and destroy the problems.

All these skills put together to make a man or women proceed happily in life ahead.