Facts about Green Algae

1. There is about 7000 species of green algae that you can get both in fresh or salt water and also in damp places. 2. They're considered as the group from which the higher plants evolved based on certain characteristics and also the compounds found in the pigments useful for photosynthesis.

3. From all green algae the members with the order Charles are considered since the closest relatives of higher plants.

4. The majority of them contain chloroplast within that the pigments chlorophyll and 'a' and 'b' to those algae.

5. Probably the most well-known kinds of green algae are actually volvox. Volvox forms a spherical colony, and every cell of the colony possesses two flagella along with a small eyespot.

6. Chlorella is other well-known green algae which can be usually found inside hydra ciliates plus some other animals, being an endosymbiont. An endosymbiont is the organism that lives within the body or cell of another organism and begin a symbiotic relationship or even 'endosymbiosis'.

7. Green algae from the genera Trebouxia and Pseudotrebouxia tend to be found to establish symbiotic relationship with fungi. Lichen is the composite organism that is a result of this symbiotic association.

8. They could reproduce both asexually and sexually and also the mode of reproduction is fairly diverse. 

Blue Green Algae Benefits

There are lots of benefits of these organic algae. Since it is very high in nutrients, it's a very powerful energy booster. It provides anti-aging and positive effects for both the hair and also the skin. It contains a high concentration of powerful antioxidants that will strengthen the immune system. With the ability to stimulate stem cell movement to assist in the regeneration of body tissues which have been damaged. 

Blue-green algae are quickly absorbed into the body, approximately 97% easily absorbed into the system. It provides a soothing impact on headaches and body pain. Many people find that digestive problems they might have are greatly improved with the consumption of blue green algae. Additionally, blue - green algae have quite strong detoxifying characteristics and enable the body to easier cleanse by it. It also can have a positive effect on the brain, aiding in reducing bouts of depression. People are more able to cope with everyday stress. The immune system is greatly improved. 

What are Blue Green Algae

Blue-green algae also referred to as Cyanobacteria are several photosynthetic bacteria that numerous people refer to as "pond scum." Blue-green algae are most often blue-green in color but may also be blue green reddish-purple or even brown. Blue-green algae generally grow within lakes ponds and slow-moving streams if the water is warm and enriched with nutrients like phosphorus or nitrogen.

When environmental conditions are perfect blue-green algae can grow quickly in number. Most species are buoyant and can float towards the surface where they form scum layers or floating mats. When this occurs we refer to this as a "blue-green algae bloom.