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Chemistry is one of those subjects that many students find almost impossible to understand. Even after spending hours and hours studying, if your child is still finding it difficult to better his grades in chemistry, then it is high time you got them the expert help that they need. From the basic introduction of fundamental chemistry to the advanced college chemistry, our expert tutors are waiting to walk your child through.

With Edu Resource, studying chemistry will no longer be difficult. From periodic table to advanced quantum chemistry, from ionic equations to stoichiometry, our experts are ready to make the learning experience very engaging.

Edu Resource also has a very vast and regularly updated knowledge database that has several free resources on chemistry that will aid the learning process even further. Let your child seek all the guidance needed to master the subject of chemistry.

Chemistry Resources session plans, chemistry worksheets, chemistry revision, chemistry teaching ideas and even more. Here are a few excellent chemistry activities to help you to get started. Because knowing chemistry assists you to realize the world surrounding you, food preparation is chemistry. Whatever you can touch or smell or taste is all chemical. Once you examine chemistry, you come to realize a bit about how things function. Chemistry just isn't secret knowledge, worthless to anybody but a researcher.

Chemistry Resources


It's the reason for everyday things, such as why laundry washing detergent works more effectively in hot water or exactly how baking soda functions or why not almost all pain relievers function equally efficiently on a head ache. Chemistry is the technological research of matter and an alteration in the states of matter. It requires the physical research of chemical substances and their molecular and atomic structures and the concepts of energy and entropy and just how these have an effect on chemical processes.

Organic Chemistry Resources

The Organic Chemistry Resources, Stereo chemistry, Substitution Elimination Reactions, Hydrocarbons, Resonance and Specific Subjects in Organic Chemistry, students will come around a lots of new phrases to learn while they study organic chemistry. An essential principle is going to be highlighted and reminded to students. The review of organic reactions is mentioned by the end of each and every chapter.

The sketches will assist the students to know a history of chemistry and the different individuals who contributed into it. Chemistry, the research into matter and a changes it goes through, might be referred to as 'central science.' Recent improvements in chemistry possess programs in such different fields as energy, medication, ecological science, art conservation and nanotechnology. Chemistry is definitely an experimental discipline which attracts men and women who take pleasure in the challenges of issue resolving. Applying principles and additional skills to issues that nobody has resolved is exciting and fulfilling.

Chemistry Teacher Resources

Chemistry teacher, we realize that instructing is a difficult job. It needs education, training, preparing, and showmanship. Even though we can’t assist with almost everything, we really feel that it's our responsibility to assist other instructors by providing all of them with free accessibility to the chemistry teacher resources i have come up with more than the years. Teach students the technological method, which includes the way to make observations, gather and draw conclusions and record information.

Encourage students to understand more about chemistry by challenging these to create an effective, environmentally friendly cleaning solution. Guide a field visit to a local pharmaceutical organization to assist students know how chemistry influences their lives. Chemistry teachers would be the individuals who help students understand why physical globe, from the responses inside our bodies to exactly how soaps and detergents function and the reason why egg proteins are able to keep a cookie from crumbling. They will prepare the following generation of technical engineers and researchers, including almost all health care specialists.

High School Chemistry Resources

High school chemistry Resources is probably the most challenging lessons young students need to take to be able to graduate. It is a very challenging subject for many to deal with, and quite often it can be rather irritating. Luckily, with the proper lesson plans and a few reliable information. Any student can learn how to conquer chemistry. With the use of academic lesson plans and tests, high school stage chemistry pupils can much better understand the complicated and quite often challenging subject. With a few practices and the proper knowledge, all students can easily pass their chemistry tests easily.

Chemistry school will get down to the nitty-gritty moles of molecules and atoms which come with each other in ionic bonds and covalent. You'll understand what’s happening surrounding you even if you can’t view it and that the tiniest of changes can create a huge difference. Within the High School Chemistry Resources, parents and students will find chemistry assist with homework and test prepare, while instructors will get lesson programs and classroom equipment help to make teaching chemistry enjoyable.