General Biology

General Biology offers a choice for students who would like to explore numerous biological disciplines rather than just focusing on only one particular section of biology for a thorough study.

General Biology 1

Students can have a depth of knowledge through syllabus from a minimum of 3 different levels, but additionally face sophisticated topics through at least 2 upper level courses. However, if you've been out of secondary school for some time, you can take one-fourth of the General Biology collection as a refresher before the major's sequence.


General Biology 1

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Cell Structure and Function

All the organisms are comprised of cell. Cell is actually the architectural device of life - units which are smaller than the cells are not alive. Cells come up by the dividing of pre-existing cells - spontaneous generation doesn't exist. The cells are cultured to create more cells.

Plant and Animal Tissues

Structurally complex life like plants and animals has several different cell types specializing in their function and form. A tissue is a mix of comparable cells that work well together to carry out a particular function. In animals, a tissue may well form a defensive lining or perhaps facilitate movements by contracting.

The Living World

Biology is actually the science of living processes and life forms. All living beings are known as organisms. Living, creatures resemble nonliving things in forming of comparable elements that combine in comparable way to form comparable molecules (known as biomolecules, in the living world) and stick to similar chemical and physical laws such as gravitation, action and reaction, magnetism etc.

Best Foods for Health

Imagine a variety of foods which were nutritious, delicious and best foods for health - that is they lowered your chance of developing diseases. Based on a number of different sources and surveys in Western Europe and North America, these ten foods usually are regarded to be probably the most healthy:

Apples, Almonds, Broccoli, Blueberries, Oily Fish, Leafy Green Vegetables, Sweet Potatoes, Wheat Germ, Avocados and Oatmeal.