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What is Accounting

From finance to auditing to taxation, everything comes down to the good old accounting...

Training and Development
Training and Development

Is a field that is focused on organizational activity targeted at improving...

Math Resources

Your child hates math? Most of the students do. It is not because they are not...

Physics Resources

Physics Resources is an online guide of basic physics principles. The teachings make...

Chemistry Resources

Chemistry is one of those subjects that many students find almost impossible...

Science Resources

Our objective is to enhance the teaching and learning of science for all...

Biology Resources

Is your child put off by biology? Is he/she finding it difficult to comprehend...

Biology Resources

Psychology is an applied and academic discipline which involves the scientific research...

Educational Resources

You can find a lot of fine educational materials available on the internet, however It sometimes takes a while to locate it. Edu Resources links will lead you to important topics covered in, Accounting, Math, Science and Training resources which we have discovered to be very beneficial.

Open Educational Resources


Education Resource, is actually a non profit business focused on changing the way in which people, money and time are utilized in urban education to ensure that all students get the support they have to succeed.


Edu-Resource believes that world wide access to quality education resource is very important to the building of Peace, Economic Development, Social Development, Intercultural Dialogue.

QUALITY RESOURCES is developed to be a useful resource for education leaders searching for tools and practical resources for life changing strategies which will improve the student's performance in real life.